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09/23/2016: "#CulturalCompetence: Crowdsourced Syllabus-Style Resources for Increasing Cultural Competence Skills" (YALSA Blog) 

04/01/2016: "Teen Research Trending: Mapping 'Boring' Places-- Socio-Spatial Research on Libraries" (YALSA Blog) 

06/22/2015: "Monday Missive" (UNC Charlotte, Mark West's Blog) 

12/13/2014: "Ten Alternatives to Book Reports" (Nerdy Book Club) 

04/04/2013: "Accio on over to PotterWatch" (NinerTimes) 

03/22/2013: "Pay it Forward: Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom" (Nerdy Book Club) 

09/29/2011: "Potterwatch Comes to UNC Charlotte" (NinerTimes) 

07/16/2011: "Is Harry Potter classic children's literature?" (The Washington Post) 


Highland Bridge Project

“Governor DeWine highlights student wellness and success investments” Columbus Dispatch (08/14/2019)

“Governor DeWine calls for early intervention…” Columbus Dispatch (08/06/2019)

“Columbus elementary school’s help for needy students viewed as a model” Columbus Dispatch (07/30/2019)