2017     Ph.D. Teaching and Learning (Literature for Children and Young Adults), Ohio State University

2015     M.A. Education, Ohio State University

2012     M.A. English, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2010     B.A. English, BA Hispanic Studies; College of William and Mary



Refereed Journal Articles

2015                Rhoades, M. J., Dallacqua, A. K., Kersten, S., Merry, J., & Miller, M. C.  (2015). “The pen(cil) is mightier than the (s)word? Telling sophisticated silent stories using Shaun Tan’s wordless graphic novel The Arrival.” Studies in Art Education, 56(4), 307-326. 

Book Reviews

2017                Miller, M. C. (2017). Girls’ series fiction and American popular culture (Book review). CHLA Quarterly.      

2015                Miller, M. C. & Blackburn, M. V. (2015). Supernatural, and occasionally queer, youth (Book review). Journal of LGBT Youth, 12(3), 343-349.

2014                Miller, M. C. (2014). Of Bread, Blood, and The Hunger Games: Critical Essays on the Suzanne Collins Trilogy (Book Review). CHLA Quarterly, 39(3), 445-447.

Web-Based Publications     

2016                "#CulturalCompetence: Crowdsourced syllabus-style resources for increasing cultural competence." on YALSA Blog. September 23

2016                “Mapping a ‘boring’ place—Socio-Spatial Approaches to Libraries” on YALSA Blog. April 1

2014                “Ten Alternatives to Book Reports” at the Nerdy Book Club. December 13

2013                 “Pay it Forward: Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom” at the Nerdy Book Club. March 22

Other Publications

2017               Miller, M. C. & Moeller, R. A. (2017). Exploring the results of the 2016 YALSA member survey. Young Adult Library Services, 15(1), 5-8. 

2014                Miller, M. C. (2014). Identifying effective trans* novels for adolescent readers. Bookbird, 51(4), 83-86.



Panels Chaired

2017                “What About the Children?” at the Queer Places, Practice, and Lives III Conference in Columbus, OH (May 13)

2016              "Female Bodies: Girlhood and Coming of Age in YA Fiction” at the Children’s Literature Association (CHLA) Conference in Columbus, OH (June 11)

2011                “Four Perspectives on Religion in the Harry Potter Series” at the Potterwatch Conference in Charlotte, NC (April 9)

Papers Presented

2016                “Prizing Pre-Adolescence: Transitioning Girlhood in This One Summer” at the Children’s Literature Association Conference in Columbus, OH (June 9-11)

2015                “Race in Panem from Colonialism to the Present” at the Children’s Literature Association Conference in Richmond, VA (June 18)

2015                “How do we define literary merit?: Examining trends of the Michael L. Printz Award Winners and Honor Texts from 2000-2015” at the PCA/ACA Conference in New Orleans, LA (April 2)

2014                “Surfacing Oppressive Discourses in Discussions of LGBT-Themed Multimedia and Multimodal Literature” with Mollie V. Blackburn, Caroline Clark, and Ashley Dallacqua at the AERA Conference in Philadelphia, PA (April 4)

2013                “Teaching Foucault with Harry Potter” at the Potterwatch Conference in Charlotte, NC (April 6)

2012                “Magical Artifacts and Modern Discipline in the Harry Potter Series” at the MPCA/MACA conference in Columbus, OH (October 12)

2011                “Magic and Modern Discipline: How Harry, Ron, and Hermione Internalize Foucault” at James Madison University’s Harry Potter Symposium in Harrisonburg, VA (November 10-12)

2011                “Transgender Young Adult Literature: Luna as a Model for the Emerging Canon” at the Children’s Literature Association Conference in Roanoke, VA (June 23-25).

2011                “Hogwarts and Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto” at the Potterwatch Conference in Charlotte, NC (April 9)

2011                Creating a Graphic Novel from Oral Tradition: Examining Matt Dembicki’s Trickster” at the University of Virginia’s 2011 Graduate English Student Association Conference in Charlottesville, VA (April 1-3)

2011                “Early Exposure: The Emerging Canon of Transgender Young Adult Literature” at the NC State Association of English Graduate Students Symposium in Raleigh, NC (February 25-26).         

2009                “Como el Nuyorican Poet’s Café creó espacio público con un micrófono” at the Mid-Atlantic Council on Latin American Studies Conference at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA (March 6)



Ohio State University

EDUTL 5005: Equity and Diversity in Education (Teaching Assistant, 1 section)

EDUTL 3356: Literature for Adolescents (Instructor of record, 15 sections)

EDUTL 2368: Introduction to Children’s Literature (Instructor of record, 5 sections)



2014                Research apprenticeship focusing on post-colonial theory and young adult dystopian literature under the direction of Michelle Abate (May – August)

2013                Research apprenticeship under the direction of Mollie Blackburn and Caroline Clark, researching the effects of multimodal literature and film as a catalyst for social change with an LGBTQQ out-of-school discussion group. (May – August)

2012                Assisting Barbara Kiefer with development of the children’s literature library, to include shelving, cataloguing, and maintaining the collection.  (August – December)

2011 – 2012    Research assistant to Mark West, involving transcription of multicultural children’s stories and research on President Roosevelt, particularly with regards to gender and women’s studies. 



2013 – 2017    Research Committee member of the Young Adult Library Services Association

2014 – 2016    Children’s Literature Association Conference Planning Committee

2013                 Conference Planning Chair for the Potterwatch Conference (“The Future of Harry Potter”) in Charlotte, NC (April 6)

2011                 Conference Planning Chair for the Potterwatch Conference (“Harry Potter and Crossover Audiences”) in Charlotte, NC (April 9)



2014                Popular Culture Association, American Culture Association

2013                American Library Association, Young Adult Library Services Association

2010                Children’s Literature Association